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Growing Garlic With "Variety"


Garlic Varieties

We all love choices and we have been left short at the grocery stores for too long. When it comes to garlic many people might picture what they have seen in their local super markets, I hope to awaken the senses and bring you a whole myriad of choices. Below are some main categories with many varieties within each category. For simplicity sake here is a brief summary of each category:

Rocambole: Fantastic flavors very deep and full. Best "Raw" tasting garlic's, large cloves with easy peeling clove skins many call Rocamboles the true hardneck garlic. They produce beautiful garlic scapes with huge bulbils. (Hardneck Garlic)

Porcelain: Beautiful plant! very tall with the garlic scapes reaching up to seven feet tall. They don't have the biggest bulbs but they certainly have the biggest cloves. With an average of only four cloves per bulb. Very hot and many have claimed that they contain the highest allicin content. Very hearty plant can tolerate the cold Canadian winters. (Hardneck Garlic)

Purple Stripe: Most beautiful bulbs, very large and colorful they have also have won "best baked garlic" contest. they have more cloves per bulb and tend to store longer than Rocamboles if you are growing garlic this is a fantastic category you will not be disappointed. (Hardneck Garlic)

Artichoke & Silverskins: Very productive and beautiful bulbs, the plants are not very tall and do not produce garlic scapes you will however get bulbils to form on the lower third of the stem if conditions were stressed. (i.e. Cold winter) if you live in southern climates this is a great choice (Softneck Garlic, Braidable) Most typical garlics found in super markets, and for good reason very productive and stores very well.

Turban: New variety to our farm, very round bulbs, beautiful purple bulb wrappers, the first varieties to emerge from the long winter and the first varieties ready for harvest.

Asiatics: Hardneck (unbraidable) New varieties to our farm. Unique bulbil capsule with swollen beaks, very pretty

Bulbils/Umbels: A selection of all our garlic varieties, a safe and affordable way to build seed stock. 

All garlic seed is from our organic garlic, we have applied nothing but love, sunshine, and water.