Want to be a farmer? We are looking for a couple of interns for this growing season! 

Experiences will include but are certainly not limited to: Seed to harvest, marketing, milk cow, bees, poultry, pigs, goats, seed saving, we will be working with COB and building beautiful architecture on the farm.
Our family will be attending a one month Cob workshop in Mexico with www.cobworks.com We look forward to applying the principals on our own farm this season.  
We are ultimately looking for a long-term fit. We know there is strength in numbers and we all have different talents and abilities to contribute, We are very Land and Water rich we are looking for MORE hands to create something far more beautiful than any of us could do alone.

The team generally works 6-5:30 pm, with a mid-morning break and 1.5 hr lunch. (often a swim in the river) A rotation of seasonal duties may require longer hours or occasional weekend duties.

The successful candidate:
will be ready to learn, receive instruction and follow directions and established farm procedures
will have creative and constructive input at appropriate times
will own farm tasks sometimes considered to be mundane and thrive on every job well done
will work safely, responsibly, and respectfully
will remain positive and contribute to a cooperative work environment
will enjoy physical challenges in various weather conditions, from April showers through July heat and frosty October.

We will work together, We will have weekly meetings/training's. We encourage personal experimentation. We lift and build each other, we will GROW together. There will also be plenty of quite and personal time with many secluded and beautiful places to relax, think, meditate.   

Private room possibly shared with other interns. Will be in separate house. Basic Household duties are expected. must maintain a tidy and clean environment, In the house and on the farm. Shared Kitchen. Help with meal preparation and clean up is expected. Beautiful tent sights are available if preferred.
Personal habits can be discussed. We prefer NO drinking, smoking, and light drugs on farm, as we have young children.

Please email resume to Nicholas@growinggarlic.ca