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Living with your heart and soul

Playing in the dirt. This has been a long journey for our family; with a degree in Biology Secondary Education I taught High School science at a very remote school on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA. I love working with youth and the creative mind. But my life long dream was to raise my family on a farm and live a simple sustainable life.
My grandparents ran a beautiful cattle ranch here in British Columbia, Canada. With their passing, the farm had been neglected and no one picked up the legacy they left behind. It was a move of faith to leave the states, and leave our humble beginnings behind again. We start anew but with hearts of gold and a love for the land and most of all the blessings of our ancestors, who are excited to see what we create here in this beautiful valley!
Growing garlic organically is more than a passion: it's my life. I would like to say I grow much better than organic. I have a beautiful family and take much joy in working with my children out in the fields. I would never want to ever spray or do anything harmful in anyway to "their land" for it will be theirs soon enough.  I do not spray, fertilize or do anything that nature wouldn't do. I grow green manure crops of peas and oats, till them in with love and sunshine and the garlic is happy.
Nicola Valley Produce is located on The Lower Nicola Indian Band Reserve. My wife and I have beautiful First Nation's (Native American) heritage. My wife from the Navajo Nation in Arizona and mine from right here in this beautiful valley. We love being a family that is away from the four walls of any room. There are many summer activities that we enjoy, like huckleberry picking, salmon fishing, and growing our own food. Our family has a goal to eat food that is produced by us or someone we directly know. We hope you will do the same. Please order some seed garlic today to put in your garden. And enjoy the bounty from our Mother Earth. Start by viewing our Garilc Varieties page.


Nicola Valley Produce
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