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Located in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. We produce the finest gourmet seed garlic available. We have many varieties being nurtured by our "Sweet Mother" right now, and look forward to providing the world with an experience their palate will never forget.  Certified Organic through "PACS" We can assure you that we grow and always have grown organically. Click "About Us" to learn more about who we are and how we farm.    

We handcraft every bulb with love! You can be assured we offer the highest quality garlic seed (seed garlic) available and we have some amazing hardneck varieties, that will perform well in many conditions. All varieties are self-perpetuating. We want to encourage you to grow your own food for all the years ahead. Here at Nicola Valley Produce we specialize in “Hardneck garlic varieties”. Go to our Garlic Varieties page for more information and details. There are many garlic farms in BC and we thank the many garlic farmers we have been able to visit. There is a special feeling visiting with others who share the same love for the land and the "Sacred Bulb" of garlic.

Learn how to grow garlic, harvesting garlic, curing garlic and other helpful tips on our Growing Garlic page, or get a brief summary below. 

We will be happy to answer any questions, feel free to click around and enjoy the farm gallery.

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How to grow garlic

Garlic Harvest 2013
Sneak peak of some of our varieties

Importance of Scape Removal

Under Construction please be patient we will have great instructional videos on:

Planting Garlic
Garlic Scapes
Why Organic Garlic
Hardneck garlic vs. softneck
What makes good garlic seed (seed garlic)
And more...

Please email info@growinggarlic.ca if you would like a video on a specific topic. As long as it is in season we will do our best to demonstrate and teach the best ways we have found to growing great garlic!

Growing Garlic

How to Grow Garlic: Growing garlic is easy. Growing great garlic requires care, love, and attention. I have divided growing garlic into several categories:

Soil Preparation: Garlic will grow under a wide variety of soil conditions. When growing garlic it is said to prefer free draining loam with lots of organic matter. Building up our soil with green manures as part of you normal crop rotation is a very good idea.

When to Plant: This will depend on your area but generally a couple weeks before the ground freezes, you want to plant garlic so that the clove develops good root growth but it does not sprout above the surface. for me it is generally mid to early October.

Garlic Seed Selection (prepping cloves): First off choose your best garlic seed. Cloves that appear healthy and strong. You will have to split all your bulbs into individual cloves.

Planting Garlic: Plant garlic in beds with a minimum of 6 inch spacing I put them in beds of four wide. I have done five and it worked just as well but I found four was easier to weed. If you have the room don't be greedy on your space. you will be happy and your garlic will appreciate the room. I plant about 3 inches deep. IMPORTANT plant with the tip up this is critical for hardneck garlic varieties.

Mulching Garlic: Mulching conserves moisture, moderates soil temperatures and inhibit weeds. It also shelters rodents and attracts deer and elk. All these factors need to be considered in deciding whether or not to mulch. I have been to many farms and have had mixed results some garlic farms never mulch, while other garlic farmers always mulch. Both have good results. When in doubt I always look to nature. Garlic will naturally be mulched somewhat as the dying vegetation lays down around the garlic for the winter.

General Care: First off when planting garlic, you should want organic garlic! don't spray any harmful anything. Remember we are stewards of this special land and must leave it better than we found it for our children's sake. Please see our growing garlic page for more details! General care means to grow with love, don't over water, and keep it weeded.

Garlic is very hearty and will survive, but if you want great organic garlic you need to give it love and attention. Under each section you will get more details and pictures and video in the very near future. For Harvesting Garlic click the next tab.

More important of a question is "when" to harvest?

The dying back of the leaves is only an approximate indicator. Dig some out of the ground and inspect for good bulb development and healthy in tact bulb wrappers. You want to harvest before the wrappers begin to decay or the bulbs begin to split open. If a bulb is not well-wrapped, and the skins on the cloves are not intact, the garlic will not keep well. You will still have good eating garlic you will just have to eat it right away. Or use it as your garlic seed with the coming fall planting and yes you should plant garlic every year! With out good wrappers you will not have garlic store very long. You will want to stop watering a couple weeks before the harvest. The curing process begins in the ground with the summer heat things should be drying out naturally We have a late spring and in our location we begin harvesting our earliest varieties in mid to late July. The main harvest continues into August with the late varieties and spring planted beds being harvested in late August. If you are in doubt I would harvest a little early this makes for good wrappers. I also notice that the dying back of leaves depends on when I cut the garlic scapes. If I cut the scapes off early than the leaves starts drying back much quicker than if I had cut the scapes later. Note that Garlic scapes only grow on your hardneck garlic.

How to Harvest garlic

We use a spade shovel to loosen the ground beside the garlic - we begin at one end of the bed and pull the plants by hand. This is one of the special things about planting hardneck garlic. It loves the personal touch of the hand. No machinery is used besides the vehicle driving from the field to the drying barns. When the garlic is pulled out of the ground. be careful as garlic bruises easily when it is fresh. Take a moment to do some brief field cleaning rub off excess dirt, don't get carried away because you don't want to leave it in the sun very long. Remove out of the sun as soon as possible. Hopefully you grew organic garlic and you kept it weed free these two things makes for an easy harvest. First off if you grow organic garlic you don't have to worry about all the harmful sprays you may have applied and if you keep the garlic weed free, it makes for the cleaning of the extra dirt a breeze.

Roasted Garlic
So simple, so delicious.

1. Choose your favorite Garlic, We find the bulbs with the largest cloves are the best.

2. Cut the top off the garlic with the tops of the cloves barely exposed.

3. Place in oven safe baking dish

3. Drizzle a little olive oil over the tops

4. Put a tsp. of water over each garlic letting it seap down into the cloves.

5. Bake for 45min - 1hr or until soft.

6. Serve on your favorite crackers (optional with Brie cheese "highly recommended")